Best time to travel UAE

UAE is one of the most visited countries worldwide, especially Dubai. This place always comes up with great events like Global Village, Dubai Shopping Festival, and other seasonal activities during the whole year to keep the tourists entertained and involved. 

Visiting UAE:

But the first thing that tourists do before visiting any country is to check the best time to visit. The more they can grab fun, the better. 


UAE is located in the desert area hence it’s mostly hot if we talk about the weather. The temperature rises during the month of April until August and hence it’s unbearable to travel around. So the only place left to see around in UAE are the malls. 


Winters i.e. from Late October until March, the weather is very pleasant and one can find many activities here. Dubai Shopping Festival and Global Village are one of those famous events that people visit from all over the world. Usually, it rains sometimes and the other times, it’s windy hence keeping the environment really pleasant and cool. 


A trip to tourist places such as desert Safari, Waterparks, Ferrari world, Global Village, JBR and much more is a must. Who wouldn’t enjoy a great weather and the outdoors? Don’t miss out any chance of fun in here.

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