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Manazil Group is working hard to provide the best and quality holiday homes for all. If you’ve already invested in a hotel apartment in any of our projects, you get to stay for 30 days in a year as it’s your vacation home. How great is that?

You can have a look at our hotel apartment projects here:

Marjan Island Resort and Spa

1.  Marjan Island Resort and Spa

2. Terhab Hotel and Towers Dubai

3. Terhab Hotel and Residence Sharjah

We at Manazil provide extraordinary staycation services for everyone. From the spa to adventurous activities, we have covered it all. Marjan Island Resort and Spa offers great beach activities as well as water sports. If you’ve an urge to spend your vacations in the middle of the sea, this is the right place for you to fulfil your dreams. The resort is alcohol-free and family friendly.

Terhab Hotel and Residence

Other than that, Terhab Hotel and Towers Dubai is leasing the hotel apartments for you hence, it’s an opportunity to take in hand. You don’t just get a business but also can stay for 30 days free of cost in your hotel apartment. This place is located in Jumeirah Village Triangle which is just a few kilometers away from all the major attractions in Dubai. Isn’t it an ideal place?

In case, if you want to book a spot for yourself, you can contact us through our website or on given phone numbers in contact us section.

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