Things that you must know about Marjan Islands Resort and Spa

Things that you must know about Marjan Islands Resort and Spa

At Manazil, we work hard to satisfy our clients and hence came up with the idea of Holiday Homes where you can invest and earn. It’s one of its kinds. For the 30 days of the year, you get to spend vacations in this holiday home while, for the rest of the year, we rent it out for you.


This resort is a unique place in itself. You get to experience a world-class tourism and completely genuine Arabian hospitality.

Marjan Island Resort and Spa


The best thing about this resort is that it’s Alcohol-Free. You get the true feeling of Andalusia heritage here. What else can be best for vacations?

Alcohol-Free Dining

Activities and Recreation:

There are great activities for families, friends, and children. Get to have amazing spa retreats, involve your kids in the theme parks, or if you’re with friends, avail all kinds of adventurous activities. Capture the most memorable moments in the heart of Ras all Khaimah, UAE.

Activities and Recreation


Marjan Island Resort and Spa is located in the island between the clear waters of the Arabian Gulf and has amazing and the most serene views. It has a majestic and beautiful architecture and is a great landmark for hospitality.

It is located very close to Dubai and hence is a very peaceful occasional getaway. If you want to know more about Marjan Island Resort and Spa or make a booking, please visit:

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