Marjan Island Resort & Spa

Marjan Island Resort and Spa

Introducing unparalleled uniqueness and stimulating vision, the resort is a genuine place to experience world-class tourism in a setting where Arabian hospitality complements our amiable culture. Welcome to the wellness and alcohol-free resort destination.

Unsurpassed elegance in design where innovation in architectural creation and attention to details meet in harmony, gathering Arabian mansions luxury feels with Andalusia heritage.

A sense of comfort, attentiveness and welcoming upon arrival, leads to memorable moments to remember after departure and will evoke eagerly desires to return.

Located on a pristine island, inside the clear waters of the Arabian Gulf with inspiring scenic marine views, stands erected the “Marjan Island Resort and Spa”, with its majestic design. A landmark of true hospitality, offering an impeccable combination of personal service to become the newest destination and most discerning resort attraction in Ras Al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates.

With close proximity to the vibrant city of Dubai, less than an hour drive, the resort is a perfect serene getaway, far from the city bustling activities; the resort is an unrivalled address for comfort and tranquility with family fun indulgence.

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