Learn about the terms Gain and Loss in Economy

 Gain and Loss in Economy

The economy is sometimes tactful and leaves you clueless with certain definitions and explanations but we have defined the basic terms such as Gain and Loss very precisely in order for you to understand it. Check it out.

Gain in Economy:

economic gain

Economic gain basically is opportunity costs that are deducted from revenues earned. Economic gains are good as it means a country is growing financially and economically. It totally is related to the growth in finance. For instance; if you purchase certain property and it starts giving you an income more than you did an investment in it, you’re getting an economic gain.

We can also term it as an economic benefit which can be expressed numerically as an amount of money that will be saved or generated as the result of an action. The action such as buying a property can be again an example here. Everyone who invests definitely wants to have an economic gain or benefit.

Loss in Economy:

economic loss

On the other hand, economic loss is when you don’t get the desired investment back in terms of earning. It’s opposite to economic gain. For example, if you buy 100kgs of gold and the price is 186 AED per 3 grams at the time of buying but then you want to sell it and the price has fallen to 120 AED per 3 grams, you will face the loss and do not get back what you’ve invested.

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