Visa Issues for Investors in UAE- How to overcome?

When thinking about moving to UAE and invest, everyone has to look ahead for the problems they might face during Visa issuance. We have enlisted some important risk factors that one can overcome before investing in Dubai.

Documentation Required for Investors Visa:

The following must be present with you

  1. License of the company obtained in earlier steps
  2. Visa application form
  3. 4 passport pictures
  4. Visa application fee
  5. Valid passport copy (Original required later)
  6. If you're in the UAE already, a copy of the entry stamp or other valid UAE visa

The UAE Investor Visa Process

First of all, an immigration file is created. The immigration officer creates a “pink slip” for you. This allows you to enter the UAE on an employment visa and not a tourist visa. This will proceed further with medical tests and fingerprints. The process is continued until the visit visa expires. It takes approximately one week to finish and get the pink visa.

Just in case if the process is delayed, it’s recommended to extend the visa and exit to Oman or nearby countries. You can also pay extra charges if you don’t want to travel. The application for the Investor visa results in a 60-day Employment visa. This pink visa along with passport size picture is then taken to the border to change visa status in case you don’t exit. In the end, you get your visa stamped on your passport once your medical test and fingerprints are verified.

It’s always better to have a complete study before moving to any place or making a big decision like an investment. UAE has a lot of opportunities and hence is an easy gateway to investing.

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